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See Houston’s newest smash burger restaurant and how ARIA Signs & Design turned an old historic Houston building into a new trendy restaurant.

The new smash burger restaurant Burger Bodega has a new place and is making history, and it’s not just the burgers. Located on Washington Avenue, this new restaurant has turned an old historic spot into a new trendy restaurant with its bright LED lights catching crowds.

Created by ARIA Signs & Designs, ARIA remodeled the exterior of a well-known restaurant that had stood in Houston for years. Using the old features of the historic building, ARIA made sure to preserve the building’s unique look.


One way that ARIA Signs & Design preserved this historic building’s features was to first carefully remove the iconic signage that hangs over the building. In doing this, the signage was then upgraded to Burger Bodega’s logo and highlighted with neon LED lights.

From one sketch to another, Burger Bodega’s unique signage was styled and designed to fit the restaurant’s branding. From its bright and bold colors, red and yellow were integrated into the exterior of the building. One thing that makes this building pop is the bright LED illuminated light trail that surrounds the front and sides of the building.

Creating this project was an honor for ARIA Signs & Design to do for the restaurant. The whole process to do this project took planning and editing to ensure that this unique signage could be built while preserving a historic building.