Space Cowboys have landed!

See the new additions to Constellation Field right here in Sugar Land!

The Sugar Land Space Cowboys are here and bigger than ever before! Affiliates of the Major League Baseball team, the Houston Astros, and the Space Cowboys are getting a new look at their Constellation Field located in Sugar Land, Texas. Designed by ARIA Signs & Designs, ARIA was able to fabricate two unique circular signs.

Located right off HWY 90 stands Constellation Field where you can see two enormous 8ft illuminated signs that you can’t miss while you are entering the field. This project has been in the shop for several weeks, and now ARIA Signs & Design is proud and honored to have been able to create a project of this scale.

Creating an enormous project like this took time and preparation to get the precise look of the logos. To do this, illustrations were made to see how big the signages needed to be seen on Constellation Field. After weeks of preparation, a design was created for the field. 

To create the 8ft logo for the Astros, ARIA Signs & Design first needed to cut aluminum to get the circular shape of the signage.

Once the 8ft aluminum circle was created, the metal was then prepped to add a long sheet of vinyl that had a digital print of the two baseball teams’ logos. Another feature that was added to the custom signage package was the LED illuminated lights. The lights were added to give a uniquely distinct look to the project.

ARIA Signs & Design is honored and proud to be chosen to create two distinct and unique custom signs for the Houston Astros and the Sugar Land Space Cowboys. Here at ARIA, we strive for quality work and efficiency. We are proud to continue serving the Houston Astros and the Sugar Land Space Cowboys.

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