Monument Sign Houston

What is a Monument Sign?

It’s important to make a good first impression and nothing does that better than a great monument sign. As the name implies, monument signs are solidly built structures made from such materials as brick, cement, concrete, marble, metal, and stone. In addition, these freestanding outdoor signs boldly display the name and corporate logo of a business, organization or institution.

Chances are good that you’ve seen our Houston monument signs adorn the entrances of school campuses and universities, apartment complexes and hotels, country clubs and public parks, office parks, and government buildings, and a variety of other buildings besides. In fact, monument signs are so widely popular that the public sometimes takes their presence for granted. But it’s impossible to miss an Aria Sign & Design sign: sturdy and impressively built, our monument signs are a testament to the craftsmanship of our expert designers and manufacturers.

If that wasn’t all, each monument sign in Houston that we create is custom made to customer specifications. Should you want lighting or LED messaging capabilities, or any other added perk, all you need do is ask. Find out more by contacting our monument sign experts at (713) 259-3737!

Monument Sign Types

At Aria Sign & Design, we create signage for a variety of clients. Because of that fact, we understand that the Houston monument sign design for a sleek office building won’t resemble the signage for a brick schoolhouse. The same holds true even if two of our clients are in the same industry but have different business models and customer bases. Just as each of our clients are distinguishable from one another, so too should our monument signs reflect that diversity by providing as many size, shapes, and styles as possible.

Our Houston monument sign options are as follows:

Standard monument signs

What helps make monument signs popular are the variety of materials that can be used to make them. Among the materials that can be used to make monument signs: native stone, limestone, and stone-look materials, brick, concrete, metal, aluminum, acrylic, stucco and wood.

Electrical monument signs

Electric monument signs are perfectly suited to businesses that operate during evening and nighttime hours, such as bars, clubs and restaurants. In addition to designing and crafting the monument itself, we retain the services of master sign electricians and electrical sign contractors with the skills and expertise to ensure that the signs work properly.

LED message monument signs

Finally, we have the capability to create custom LED light messaging that enables our clients to communicate with various audiences, including employees, customers and visitors. This signage option offers a fun and unique way for organizations to disseminate important messages and contribute to the visual appeal of their buildings and structures.

Receive a Monument Sign Consultation

In short, Houston monument signs are a fantastic way to engage with the public and add value to an organization or institution. But don’t just take our word for it: come to our office and speak to our talented Aria Sign & Design experts. Schedule your appointment today at (713) 259-3737!