ARIA Signs Honored at the 7th Annual Cougar 100

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ARIA Signs was ranked number 3 for the seventh annual University of Houston Cougar 100 list. This is the third time Aria Signs has been honored as part of the Cougar 100.

The University of Houston and University of Houston Alumni Association honored outstanding UH alumni owned and operated businesses in a virtual event February 3rd for the 7th annual Cougar 100 Awards. It was the first time the award was held virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cougar 100 reflects the Houston business community with all its courage and determination, diversity, and commitment to serve the community.

Every year, companies are ranked by the percentage of compound annual growth in sales. There are three criteria to apply for the list: Be Cougar-owned or -led; have generated $250,000 or more of verifiable revenue, and have operated for at least five years as.

The event also announced the University’s new CoogsConnect platform, making its debut next month. The online platform engages alumni and students to expand professional networks, promote mentorship, and integrate into the greater University of Houston community.

The Cougar 100 awards seek to recognize growing and successful Cougar-run businesses, and connect alumni with fellow business owners supporting that “Cougars should be doing business with Cougars.” The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design has become a staple of the Cougar 100 Awards, spotlighting its alumni’s success in the industry.

The program is going to be the foundation of a future business-to-business Cougar Network, which is a directory that can be used to search for and conduct business with Cougar-owned or -led companies. By creating this program, Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of University Advancement Eloise Dunn Stuhr said she hopes to build bridges with the private sector.