Aurora Flex Series LED Tube

We at ARIA Signs & Design are all about being innovative and price conscious in the sign industry. One material that is hot on the market now is Aurora Flex LED tube lighting which you can see installed at our latest project Electric FeelGood. We were able to make everything from simple accents of color to eight-inch tall letters that spell out different sayings that were requested by the client. This new technology allows us to mimic neon with far less maintenance and breakage; which means that you spend less money on materials and labor. This is a great way to get the old-school look of a neon sign without jumping through all of the hoops. As a company, we are all about making your experience as easy and streamline as possible so we put our stamp of approval on this technology innovator.

Unlike glass neon, Aurora Flex LED can create super tight corners without breaking and deliver effective lighting with absolutely no dark spots. We are happy to announce that our favorite feature is the assembly. We have created a system that inlays the tubing into an acrylic backing reducing the depth of the sign to a maximum of 2.5” which neon cannot even come close to. We have three sizes and an array of colors but we can also make your whole sign change colors and move. Would this even be real LED if it didn’t do a little more than turn on and off? If you are interested in a new sign for your restaurant, night club, or retail space then contact us and we would love to set up a consultation appointment with you!