The New and Improved Beacon

See Beacon Offshore Energy’s new rebranding from the new office space, to a sleek front entrance

It has been three years since ARIA Signs & Design had the pleasure of working with Beacon Offshore Energy to create a unique interior signage package. Located near Houston’s Central Business District, the signage crafted for Beacon was carefully manufactured to resemble the branding of the company. After several years, ARIA has been chosen yet again to fabricate the rebranding of Beacon. What an honor it was to be able to serve the company name and give them a new and improved look.

The difference between the two designs can be seen in the image above. Since ARIA Sign & Designs’ last project, Beacon Offshore Energy has grown rapidly. From that growth, ARIA was trusted to help envision the evolution of the company. This consisted of a new upgrade to the company’s sign from the front entrance, to the back of the office space.

The original font of the old Beacon sign was upgraded and was changed to have a bolder three-dimensional look and be bigger than the original work.

The materials that were used to manufacture this finished interior package were aluminum and vinyl. By using these elements, ARIA was able to create a combined finished stainless steel look that complements the entire interior design of Beacon’s office space.

In total ARIA Signs & Design designed 20 individual pieces for the interior of Beacon. This includes individual office name tags, sign tags, signage lettering, and Beacon’s iconic raindrop symbol.

ARIA Signs & Design is proud and honored to continue working with Beacon Offshore Energy and bring their design to life. Looking to upgrade your office’s interior signage? Call ARIA Signs & Design at (713) 259-3737 to schedule your free consultation, and we’ll answer any questions you may have. 

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