Ciel’s Latest Design

Why Ciel’s new architectural design is turning heads!

Looking for a night of fun, Ciel has it all! What makes Ciel different from other night lounges is their luxurious atmosphere. This is enhanced by the intricate level of detail in the design used to create a sophisticated entrance for an upscale dining experience. Ciel, an already well-known hot spot in Houston continues to grow in popularity and with the help of ARIA Signs & Design, the dining experience has an elevated look using architectural features to make this restaurant stand out.

Known as one of the best Houston restaurants in Uptown Houston, this place is unique for its distinct features and one of them, you can not miss! Located right in front of the entrance of Ciel is a manufactured architecture panel design with geometrical stars to complement and add to the brand of the fine dining experience in Houston.

To create a project on this scale, first a layout rendering was illustrated to understand the design and create different features that needed to be added to the aluminum sheet of metal. From one drawing to a 3-D rendering the creative development created a fine detailed interior design for Ciel.

To create a high-quality design for Ciel, the aluminum first went through treatment to be processed into ARIA Signs & Design’s latest laser fiber cutter. The fiber cutter was designed to cut any type of material to a precise layout in a sufficient time. In addition to Ciel’s new design, the architectural panel also illuminates. This creates a shadow box feature that shines the whole room in Ciel.

ARIA Signs & Design is proud to be a part of creating a unique architectural panel that illuminates and gives Ciel a new feature to the restaurant. Here at ARIA, we strive for quality work, and in doing so we use the latest technology. This is one of the reasons why ARIA Signs & Design continues to grow in the greater Houston area.