Post Oak Lodge is bringing the wildness to the city with its new look 

There is a new restaurant in Houston and this new spot stands out from other restaurants. Uptown Houston introduces Post Oak Lodge, a restaurant that brings the great outdoors to you. This place is not your average dining experience, it is a place that brings the wilderness to you. 

 This new restaurant, brought to you by the Cle Group, introduces a new take on stepping out of the office, to going outside to the great outdoors. With its unique exterior, ARIA Signs & Design had the opportunity to create several distinct signage to showcase the new restaurant.



Located in Uptown Houston you can find Post Oak Lodge with its distinct cottage look. The exterior characteristics also include three individual hand crafted aluminum signs as well as a pylon sign with the addition of a custom light letter-box. To create a project on this scale, ARIA Signs & Design worked with the dimensions of the building of Post Oak Lodge and created several designs to fabricate the signs that now sit at the restaurant.


When ARIA Signs & Design first started manufacturing Post Oak Lodge, they wanted to keep in mind the brand of the restaurant. That is why ARIA created an all new pattern for the lettering of the restaurant. To create this unique pattern, ARIA had to use the laser cutter. By using the laser cutter, ARIA was able to create highly detailed cuts in the signage.



Here at ARIA Signs & Design we use the latest technology, and that includes using the laser fiber cutter. The laser cutter played a crucial role in fabricating this big scale project to create internal channel letters  for the sign. This is what makes this signage unique in its assembly. It also allowed ARIA to cut its fabrication process by more than five-times.



Once the fabrication process was completed, the installation was the next step. By using the crane truck, ARIA Signs & Design was able to lift up all four massive signs created for Post Oak Lodge. 



For years the Cle group has been working with ARIA Signs & Design to create several signages for new trendy spots in and outside of Houston. Some of these projects include Bisou Continental Cuisine, Heart Houston Night Club,  Kiss Restaurant in Houston & Dallas. 


ARIA Signs & Design is proud and honored to continue working with the Cle group of Houston and bringing their design to life. Looking to upgrade your business with a new sign? Call ARIA Signs & Design at (713) 259-3737 to schedule your free consultation, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.