Are Channel Letters Right for You?

Chances are good that you see channel letter signs several times a day without even realizing it. Whenever you drive past a storefront, office building or strip mall, there’s a channel letter sign ready to greet you. For a variety of reasons, ranging from affordability to versatility, Houston channel letters are a sure-fire way to raise the profile of any business.

Channel letters are three-dimensional, internally lit signs that adorn the exteriors of public and commercial buildings. These signs are typically made from flexible, versatile materials such as aluminum, plexiglass, and lexan. In addition, they are custom made to suit a client’s tastes. At ARIA Signs, our custom-made Houston channel letters come in a variety of fonts, colors, sizes, and arrangements. Moreover, if that was not all, our expert sign makers offer ideal letter alignment, secure sign backing and so much more.

Looking for a Houston channel letters sign that will shine bright like a diamond? Then contact ARIA Signs today! Not sure what kind of channel letter sign you’re looking for? Keep on reading to find out more!

Choosing the Right Channel Letters

While no two channel letter signs are exactly alike, the ways in which they are mounted usually fall into the two main categories: flush mounted or mounted onto a raceway. With the flush mounted technique, each individual letter is attached to a building wall or facade. Raceway mounted letters are placed on a rectangular structure that contains the electrical components and then a mounting component attaches everything to the wall or facade. A third, less commonly used option, is a wireway: this method is both thinner and broader than a raceway and typically contains only the electrical wiring that lights up the sign.

With regards to the types of channel letters, these three types are most common:

  1. Open-face channel letters
    Also known as exposed neon channel letters, open-face channel letter signs directly display the light source that illuminates them, rather than enclosing them behind colored acrylic. These Houston channel letters are ideally suited to nighttime establishments such as restaurants, nightclubs and bars.
  2. Internally lit channel letters
    As opposed to open-faced channel letters, their internally lit counterparts cover up the LED or neon light source behind colored acrylic faces. Businesses with internally lit signs can choose to have them be front lit so that the “faces” of the letters are illuminated in a color of their choice.
  3. Reverse lit channel letters
    Reverse lit channel letters, which are also known as reverse pan, backlit or halo lit, have the light source appear behind the letters, rather than in front or inside of them. As opposed to internally lit letters, however, they are usually mounted on a raceway.

Choose Your Channel Letters in Houston

Even if you are still not sure which channel letter sign is best suited to your business, never fear! ARIA Signs will closely consult with you so that you find a channel letter sign that is the perfect match. In the meantime, look around you and observe the signs around you—who knows, you may find one of ours!