Why Storefront Signs Matter?

For better and for worse, storefront signs make an indelible first impression on customers. When the sign is good, it informs people about the type of business it advertises and it’s interesting enough to stick in the viewer’s head long after they’ve left it. When the sign is bad, it can confuse or alienate people to the point where they’ll never even set foot into the business it’s supposed to be promoting. 

In order to make sure that you have a Houston storefront sign that fits the first category rather than the second, we invite you to visit Aria Sign & Design. Our full-service custom sign company can provide signage that’ll make a positive impact on current and potential customers throughout the greater Houston area. 

Among the storefront sign services we provide: 

  • A full range of in-house services, including licensed electricians for electrical sign components
  • A five-year warranty on all parts, labor and signage
  • An ability to produce signs of various sizes, shapes and weights in response to the client’s needs
  • An understanding of the optimal size and location for your storefront sign based on local regulations

Moreover, our Houston storefront signs are both visually exciting and made from durable, high quality materials. Call us today at (713) 259-3737 to find out what Aria Sign & Design can do for you!

What Factors to Consider When Creating a Storefront Sign?

There are many factors that go into creating a storefront sign, which means that you as the business owner has to think about some key questions: 

  • Where will the sign be located? 
  • Will it be used indoors or outdoors? 
  • What type of material will it be made from? 
  • How long should the sign be posted?
  • Is it more effective to have one or multiple signs? 

Thinking about questions such as these will help guide you in your search for your ideal storefront sign. For instance, it’s important to keep in mind that outdoor signs require materials that are more rain resistant, while indoor signs can be made from more delicate woods or plastics. We understand that there’s a lot to think about, so we’ll be happy to review the Houston storefront sign making process so that you get the sign that’s right for you without feeling too overwhelmed by it all. 

Once you’ve decided on the right storefront sign for you, we’ll help you choose the design elements that’ll help your sign “pop.” These elements include: 

  • A big, bold font that gets your message across in a unique and creative way
  • A branding message that instantaneously communicates your ethos as a company 
  • Eye-catching colors and images that stand out from the mundane crowd
  • A signage surface that will compliment, rather than detract, from your message

How Do I Make an Storefront Sign in Houston?

The first step is to call Aria Sign & Design at (713) 259-3737 or email us using our contact form. Tell us as much information as possible about your project and our talented storefront sign artisans will work with you to come up with a sign design that meets, if not exceeds, your wildest dreams!