What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs help your business make a great first impression. Made from brick, cement, concrete, marble, metal, or stone, monument signs are solidly built, freestanding, and boldly display the name and logo of your business.

Aria Sign & Design has developed monument signs for a range of organizations and institutions that include high school campuses, universities, apartment complexes, hotel, country clubs, public parks, office parks, and government buildings. Working with such a diverse array of customers gives the flexibility to handle any project that comes our way.

Our expert designers and manufacturers are able to create a monument sign custom made to your specifications. Want a sign with lighting or LED messaging capabilities, for instance? All you have to do is ask!

For instance, here are a few questions that may have crossed your mind: Have you wondered whether monument signs be cut into custom shapes? Or whether these signs are reflective? For those of you who want to know more about your customized monument sign options, keep reading below…

What are my custom monument sign options?

The staff at Aria Sign & Design is adept at creating monument signs that break the cookie-cutter mold. No two signs we produce are exactly alike, because our customers have different needs. For instance, one business may decide to go with an oval shaped sign, while another may want a rectangular sign, with these being only two of the available options. In fact, we aim to provide as many size, shape, style, and color choices as possible, which includes customized LED and reflective features when requested.

Most monument signs come in the following three varieties:

Standard monument signs
The standard monument sign option may not sound exciting at first glance, but in fact there are a variety of materials and styles involved. These signs can be made from native stone, limestone, and stone-look materials, brick, concrete, metal, aluminum, acrylic, stucco, and wood.

Electrical monument signs
Electric signs are a great option for businesses such as nightclubs, bars, and restaurants because they tend to open during evening hours, which makes the signs particularly easy to recognize in the dark. While such signs require more maintenance due to their electrical aspect, their eye-catching nature often makes it worth it.

LED message monument signs
Monument signs with LED light messaging is a custom feature that not only adds a bit of pizzazz, but enables businesses to effectively communicate with its target audience. Grabbing the attention of customers is only the first step in the process—the next step is communicating an important or compelling message that will stay with audiences, and LED signs do that very thing quite well.

Where can I find a reflective sign in Houston?

Aria Sign & Design offers reflective signs made from such materials as aluminum. These shiny signs can be seen at great distances and deliver another means of capturing the attention of all those who view it.

We hope you’re sufficiently intrigued to make an in-office visit to speak to one of our our talented Aria Sign & Design experts. Find out more by calling (713) 259-3737!