How much do different custom signs cost?

As a general rule, indoor signs cost less than outdoor signs. One reason for this is fairly straightforward: indoor signs aren’t prone to the elements such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail, and therefore don’t have to use sturdier—and more expensive—materials. For another, indoor signs usually don’t rely on expensive features such as electrical fixtures, which can help to lower costs.

Along with the distinction between indoor and outdoor signs, another issue is the length of the message or slogan on the sign itself. Signs with fewer letters tend to cost less, as do ones with fewer or simpler design elements. In such cases, more can be done with less if the business owner and the sign making company collaborate on producing a sign that makes its point simply yet boldly.

What should my custom sign include?

The primary purpose of a custom sign is to directly communicate to the customer why they should frequent your business. As such, your sign should provide the following information:

  • the product or service your business offers
  • what makes said product or service superior to your competitors
  • a design scheme (e.g., images, colors, etc.) that reflects your unique brand
  • an ideal placement (e.g., indoors, outdoors, etc.) where your audience will find it
  • basic information about the company, including business location, hours of operation, etc.

How can I save money on my custom sign?

There are a few means by which customers can cut corners on cost without sacrificing quality. One way is to order signs that use a stock design, rather than developing a unique custom design. The primary advantages of this approach is that they are easier to mass produce and are available at a variety of locations.

Alternatively, a company could elect to order multiple copies of the same sign. With this approach, business owners can develop a consistent, uniform branding message that can be communicated through multiple locations. Regardless of what direction our clients may choose to go, Aria Sign is here to help them execute their vision to the best of our ability.