Why Do I Need Channel Letters?

If you’re a Houston business owner who is currently asking themselves this question, we’ll do our best in this article to answer it. But first, let’s define what channel letters are. For starters, they are three-dimensional characters that are internally lit with either LED or neon lights. Typically, they are made from flexible, versatile materials such as aluminum, plexiglass and lexan, and available in a variety of fonts, colors, sizes and arrangements. But perhaps most importantly, they are custom made to suit the needs and tastes of the customer, with a multitude of aesthetic options, including letter alignment and secure sign backing.

Since 2000, Aria Signs has provided customized Houston channel letters for public, commercial, and residential buildings. The range of services offered by our full-service sign company include consultation, design, fabrication, permitting, installation, and service. Contact Aria Signs today so that we can help you fulfill your business sign goals.

What Are My Channel Letter Options?

From people to businesses, a first impression often means everything—for this reason, it’s imperative as a business owner that you have a storefront or outdoor sign that makes the positive impression you want. A Houston channel letters sign from Aria Sign can help you make a powerful impact in the minds of customers and immediately tells them who you are as a company and what you stand for.

With that said, you first need to know a bit about the established channel letter options you have to choose from. There are two main categories of channel letters: flush mounted channel letters, in which each letter is attached to a building wall or facade, and raceway mounted letters, which are placed on a rectangular structure that contains the electrical components and a mounting structure. A third option (albeit one that is used less frequently) is a wireway—this method only contains the electrical wiring that lights up the sign and is both thinner and broader than a raceway.

In terms of channel letter types, these three are the most common:

  1. Open-face channel letters
    As the name implies, open-face channel letter signs directly display the light source that illuminates them. Also known as exposed neon channel letters, they are suited to nighttime establishments such as restaurants, nightclubs and bars.
  2. Internally lit channel letters
    By contrast with open-faced channel letters, internally lit letters cover up their light source behind colored acrylic faces. These signs can either be front lit so that the “faces” of the letters are illuminated, or back lit to create a “halo” effect behind the letters.
  3. Reverse lit channel letters
    Also known as reverse pan, back lit or halo lit, reverse lit letters have the light source appear behind the letters, rather than in front or inside of them, and they are usually mounted on a raceway.

Finding Your Houston Channel Letter Sign

Looking for more info about your Houston channel letter options? An Aria Sign expert is available to consult with you so you can find the right channel letter sign. So don’t hesitate to call or email Aria Sign today!